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West Bronx Housing And Neighborhood Resource Center Inc

3716 Bainbridge Ave
Bronx, NY - 10467


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About West Bronx Housing And Neighborhood Resource Center Inc

West Bronx Housing And Neighborhood Resource Center Helps Fulfill The Need For Stable, Affordable Housing The West Bronx By Providing In-Depth Technical Assistance To Property Owners While Helping Tenants Obtain Necessary Benefits And Case Management. As A Neutral Agency, Wbhnrc Views Neither The Owner Nor The Tenant As The Problem Unless And Until A Thorough Analysis Of The Situation Is Completed. Each Population Has Distinct Needs: Owners Of Multi-Unit Buildings The Multi-Unit Building Owners Who Receive Help From Wbhnrc Generally Own One To Two Buildings, And Are Not Professional Landlords. They Hold Down Full Time Jobs, And Employ Only A Super. It Is Difficult For Them To Comply With Complex Regulations, Particularly Dhcr Paperwork. They Come To Wbhnrc For Problems With Difficult Tenants, Loan Packaging And Advice, And Assistance With J-51s. Owners Of One-To-Four Unit Buildings The Owners Of One-To-Four Family Buildings Are Similar To Those Of Multi-Unit Buildings, Although They Generally Have Fewer Resources To Fall Back On. They Are Generally First-Time Owners, And Are Frequently New Immigrants. Their Most Frequent Request Is For Assistance In Developing Financing Packages. We Also Help Them Cut Through Red Tape, And Interpret City Regulations. Individual Tenants Most Of The Tenants Requesting Assistance From Wbhnrc Are Poor And/Or Elderly. 40% Of The Tenants Who Request Services Are Senior Citizens. Only 16% Report Employment As Their Primary Source Of Income. They Generally Are Confused About Tenant Rights And Responsibilities. Over The Last Few Years The Presenting Problems Have Changed. In 1995, Most Of The Tenants Came In With Complaints About Repairs. Since Then, Most Tenants Are Concerned With Overcharges, Evictions, Or Rental Subsidies.


Anonymous - Nov 16, 2020

i lost my room and storage 10/2019. I was homeless till i started sleeping on my sisters couch. i started receiving aid and food stamps. I am also as honorable discharged veteran. My sisters roommate moved 06/2021. Her roommate was given $800.00 for rent. I am now in the room as of yet not able to pay rent. I was told by worker from the snap center that i should have been given a housing allowance from the beginning and/or rental assistance. It is all so confusing. Can you help with the process.

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